Monday, August 1, 2011

Anything's possible with your toes in the sand . . .

I am very lucky to be living in California. I get to complain about 80 degree weather. I look out the window and see the beautiful, lush Hollywood Hills with the occasional mansion peaking out between the foliage. Friends and family come to visit me all the time because I live in a place people would rather be during the summer. And the winter. And I am within *somewhat* reasonable driving distance to the beach. So, on Friday, I went to Santa Monica with the boyf to meet up with an old friend from high school, Ms. J and her boy of the mo'.

We spent the day at the beach, laying out on towels beneath the low cloud cover. Kids danced in the waves and seagulls dive-bombed our food stash. Huge sandwich -- you will be missed.

After much convincing, J and I walked out into the water with our respective boys. At first, it felt freezing cold, but it seemed to warm up. It was so much fun splashing and playing, even if I am still terrified of the ocean.

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