Friday, February 10, 2012

Living on a Prayer

Although my last post was pretty down on Americorps, I just ran across this bit on Facebook:

37 million Americans
Live in poverty.
Millions of children
Go to bed hungry.
Or cold.
They are the poor.
The working poor.
The forgotten poor.
With little more
Than hope.
You can help.
Join AmeriCorps VISTA
800-942-2677 (TTY 800-833-3722)
That sums up pretty well why I joined. And I guess it doesn't matter if the programs are less effective than I believe the ought to be (for how much money is spent on them). And maybe it doesn't matter if the impact I am making seems like a splash in global ocean. I tell myself pretty regularly that the ripples of that splash could impact the life of one child, one parent and the effects of that impact could go for generations.

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