Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Links to Hate

There is some pretty wacky stuff out there on the internet. In honor of that wackiness, today I provide you with a compilation of some of the absolute weirdest crafts I've seen on the internet. Oh boy, here goes.


Do you see what I see? A ring, crocheted, that looked like a semi-cancerous growth? Not only would I never want to wear this, I would never, ever spend $95 to wear this ... thing.

Ummm...? I'm as big a fan as anyone of glitter shoes. I've professed my love for them on this very blog. But this ... is too far. Especially for $350. $350!!!! I could make them myself with a bejeweler and some of those cheap costume jewel Lisa Frank loves so much.

Supposedly, this is a lucky furball. I think it must be a joke. But nay, it's being sold on Etsy for $10!

If you ever want to hate on humanity, ugly crafts or the like, check out Or do yourself a favor, and forever remain in blissful ignorance about the human condition.

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