Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pimp My Crib Links

I know I have yet to post any pictures of my new-to-me room, but I am waiting until I have it all unpacked and perfectly set up to my liking. Although I've got my album covers set up in a cool pattern and my melty crayon craft hanging up, I still need a couple things to finish 'er off. So, I dedicate this post to all the things I need/wish I could make for my new pad.

I'm going for a room that really feels like me. If I had to choose three words I am going for it would be 1) dreamy/ethereal (take your pick); 2) vintage-ish; 3) comfortable/practical/cheap. Okay, so I'm crappy at picking only three words, but you get the idea.

I'm a regular reader on A Beautiful Mess, but when I saw this post awhile back, I had different living arrangements. Now a couple of these beauties will really kick me into organizational high-gear and will help me get rid of all those sticky notes.

I'm hoping to make my own drapes - not only for my window, but also for my closet, which is currently a wide-open space. Using this tutorial, I plan to buy some fairly inexpensive fabric, make a couple stitches here and there and voila - ethereal/dreamy accomplished! I'm hoping to find something gauzy/floaty or something with a really captivating pattern. Wish me luck!

Living in a single room has its advantages and its disadvantages, and numero uno on my list is STORAGE. I've literally got a single shelf on which to keep all my craft stuff, memorabilia, random papers, etc. and it's not only looking pretty crowded and messy up there, but it's also looking pretty oooglay, if you know what I mean (I mean ugly). So all those shoe boxes that I have up there, barely containing their mirth and contents? Boom, pow! I now relegate you to the pretty pile.

Now, I hate to post from the same source multiple times, but this is seriously the closest I could get to what is going on in my head right now, and A Beautiful Mess just rocks. Seriously. If you're not reading them, you should. Right now. Go. (Word to the wise: they post almost too frequently).

So yeah, yeah, yeah, this record caddy is just too adorable and all, but it's still not exactly what I have in my brain. I'm thinking two milk crates stacked on top of each other on either side, which makes this thing just the right height to become a rolling desk, something that no one makes (but should) and something I could really use. So all I need is two boards, sandpaper, four milk crates, casters, some screws and a drill. NBD, right?

If I were to seriously do all of these DIYs, my room would be freakin' adorable, and don't you doubt it. Pictures to come as things get accomplished!

Any ideas on how you could upcycle your room?

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  1. Ohh, I love those chalkboard colours! <3 Elsie always has such amazing diys!

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