Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Coachella

Okay, so I never took any pictures at Coachella. Don't kill me! My phone died early on and I focused way more on having a good time than on snapping memories. I figured I'd take a page out of Matt and Kim's book and use my eyes instead.

So -- Coachella. My experience at Coachella was ... unique. I know that the festival is supposed to be the time of your life and just soooo kickass and whatnot, but it was sort of like a birthday or Christmas day, something that you look forward to for ages and then doesn't live up to any of the hype.

I think my perception was impacted by several things. First of all, I only knew one person in the group of people I went with, and even then, I didn't know that one person all that well. Second, none of the people I was with shared my music interests. Third, all of the people I met were way more concerned with what drugs they were going to do than what music they were going to see/listen to.

Hopefully, you can understand.

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing all these bands and I enjoyed meeting new people when I was off by myself seeing the bands that I wanted to see, but I am unsure if I would go back to Coachella. It just doesn't seem worth the price and there has got to be way more festivals where I don't have to endure 100+ degree heat. If I were to go back, it would be with friends I knew really well and definitely with some people who shared my music taste.

At Coachella, there was lots to explore. There was my personal favorite tent, the beats by Dr. Dre tent, where you could watch the concerts on the Coachella and Outdoor stages. There was also the Do Lab, an outdoor installation that sprayed water and had DJs telling us to "dance our asses off." There were remote control sharks called Land Sharks that looked like they were rolling around biting people. There was a cool down tent full of AC goodness and some ok tunes. I actually really enjoyed the exploring part of Coachella the best! I guess that's why I am a weekend wanderer!

Get excited for my three-part virtual tour of my experience for upcoming Media Mondays!

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