Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is not wholly unlike Los Angeles. Like most of the city, Phoenix is situated in a large bowl, a valley, some might say, created from its situation between multiple mountain (hill) ranges. It's massive and the greatest victim of urban sprawl, a city made up of a bunch of suburbs. It's crowded, weighing in as the sixth largest city in the U.S. And it's home.

I arrived in the Valley of the Sun on Thursday night. It was balmy for 9 o'clock at night, but then again, that's Phoenix for ya.

Friday, I got to see my adorable nephew, John Wayne (real name!), for the first time since Christmas. Then we shopped our butts off. We hit up Kohl's (for nearly two hours, thanks Sis). We ate at Valle Luna (kickass Mexican restaurant). We went to Buffalo Exchange. Okay, so it doesn't really boil down to that much, but I was exhausted! I ended the day with a vinyl stick-em chalkboard, five new pairs of tights ($2 apiece!), a couple shirts, yoga pants, three pairs of shoes, and a cardigan. Sweet haul!

Saturday, my Big Bro and crew joined us for Easter egg hunts, Easter egg dying, and all the fun Easter festivities we could handle. We went to Lil' Bro's championship basketball game and cheered the "little" one on. He's six feet tall, but will always be my little brother.

Today, we did our usual: Easter Sunday services, Sunday dinner, all the good stuff.

How did you celebrate Easter/Passover/your weekend?

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