Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Links to love: Travel Bug

How to: Traveling for 12 years+! , Traveling for cheap(ish), Getting cheap travel, Traveling Cheaper, Smarter and Safer, Backpacking Europe on a Budget, More tips on cheap airfare, Traveling Alone, Overcoming Weird Fears, Most Bang for Your Buck

Places to See: Bizarre Real Life Places, Islands to visit, Seven Wonders of the World, Castles!, Awesome Bridges, Unique Destinations, Awesome Eats, Awesome Tunes, Nature!, Say What? Botswana, Bucket List Destinations

Miscellaneous: Travel Website Collection, Essential Drugs

There you have it! My collection of some of the more interesting travel bits around the web. Let me know if you have any good ones in the comments section!

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  1. the traveler's medicine cabinet one is possibly the best website on the internet. possibly.