Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Stoney Point

As I was driving home a couple weeks ago from a friend's house, I decided to take a new route. I drove up Topanga Canyon, in the opposite direction of the beach. Before I realized it, the most beautiful view impressed itself upon me. Great, green mountains provided the backdrop, and further in the foreground, a great protrusion of rock, wind-smoothed and massive.

Meet Stoney Point.

I loved playgrounds growing up - wrapping my limbs through the jungle gyms, soaring on swing sets, leaping into the unknown on a daily basis. Stoney Point was a return to the jungle gyms of childhood past, but on steroids. Gigantic rocks protrude from the ultra-green scenery like alien beasts, proffering views of the entire Valley.

I only wish I had better photos. :(


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