Friday, June 29, 2012

Why I Love My Job - *sniffle*

Today's "Why I Love My Job" post is truly bittersweet. Today, I had to say goodbye to a great number of amazing, fabulous people I may very well never see again.

I'm not very good at getting teary-eyed in these moments, and not because I am bereft of empathy for these people. I can't pinpoint why--maybe I'm not in touch with my feelings--and I feel really awful when everyone around me is bawling their eyes out.

LAUSD laid off a LOT of people this year, and I actually missed out on the real cry-fest (last day of school) when I was in North Carolina. While that was sad indeed, I just can't help but be excited for the adventure the unknown provides them with. I feel like I can already see them out-growing this experience and going on to do truly remarkable things!


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