Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adventures in Nail Polish: Galaxy Quest

 So here I am thinking I must must must use my Coastal Scents polish collection creatively for my first-ever manicure and I decided upon galaxy nails! Now, excuse the photos as I didn't do much clean-up, but even so, I think they look fab!

The great thing about this mani is that it's really difficult to screw up. It consists of layering colors until you get your desired look. If you don't like what you see, just keep layering until you do!

For the first time ever, I think my right hand looks better than my left hand...

So here is a look at the polishes I used:

 From left to right:

  • Coastal Scents, "Base Coat" (not pictured)-- I never normally use a base coat, so I'm going to be honest here and say I know next to nothing about what makes a good base coat. The only reference point I have is a base coat I used when I was thirteen that I received in one of those ginormous cheap make-up kits for Christmas. This seemed better than that one.
  • Coastal Scents, "Galaxy"--This is a shimmery color halfway between bronze and pewter, which you can't really tell from the photo. Bummer. This polish really tied together the whole look for me, even if you can't see it individually on my nails.
  • Coastal Scents, "Lunar"--This is a full-coverage silver. I didn't try it all over my nails, but lightly dabbing it on my nails with a cotton ball resulted in giant silver splotches, so I'm going to gladly assume that this is going to be rockin' when I attend a space-themed party someday and get to paint my nails straight silver.
  • Coastal Scents, "Tweedia"--Although this looks silver in the photo, it's actually more like a frosty blue. Again, I love this color and the formula.
  • Coastal Scents, "Comet"--Oh my, what a beautiful blue. I *almost* used this as my base coat, since it looks so space-y. It's another beautiful color that I think I will love solo or paired.
  • Coastal Scents, "Cosmic"-- What a cool polish! This is a bronze polish with glitter flecks of varying sizes. It's definitely a layering polish, as achieving full-coverage with the thin polish that acts as a vehicle for the glitter would probably take forever. However, a full-coverage with this glitter would look cool...
  • Coastal Scents, "Nebula"-- Meet my base coat. It's a dark blue color that looks awful on the first coat and beautiful on the second. I don't know how coastal scents does it, but it dries super quickly and still looks good (but does need topcoat, IMO).
  • Nubar, "Fairy Dust"-- Again, my holo glitter polish that I got on amazon for $2. Love this stuff, but it's discontinued.
  • Nubar, "Diamont"--My top coat love of my life.
Overall, I thought this manicure would feel thick on my nails, but I love it. The Coastal Scents polishes seem like a great bang for the buck, honestly. So far, I am 100% please with my purchase and would recommend the set to anyone who is looking to expand their collection.


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