Friday, August 31, 2012


In my last couple of days in Phoenix, I made the rounds around the Valley to finish up essential paperwork, but also to say goodbye to my family and friends. These goodbyes were all bittersweet and I'm going to miss everyone very, very much.

As part of my goodbyes, I dropped in on two of my younger cousins. It's been years since I had the opportunity to really sit down and learn more about the wonderful women they are becoming. More than anything, I was so impressed by them and by how mature and wise they are. I was also reminded about how essential it is for young girls to have strong, female role models in their lives. I hope I am doing that.

I'm sad that I'm only now discovering what good friends they could truly be right before I leave for a year, but I'm also excited to see how they will have changed and matured in my absence.


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