Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bupyeong Underground Shopping

Remember when I posted about Hipster Hongdae? I think I ought to mention this just to clear things up: All of Korea's clothes are hip, but that could be because their fashions are so behind-the-times that they become cool again (or that "hip" is just the mainstream style here).

Okay, so not sure if I've mentioned this before, but all the subway stations have these underground shopping districts that fill in all that empty underground space. It's like a city of mole people, who are all really, really into getting cheap, cute clothes. It's stuff you wouldn't believe! And every single article of clothing falls into the "hip" category.

Racks upon racks of oversized sweater vests (5,000W = ~$5); knits in all your perfunctory and interesting prints--polka dots, chevrons, stripes, etc. (5,000-10,000W); skirts of every size, shape and pattern, something for all your clubbers and your nuns (5,000W); shoes--oh all the beautiful shoes that cannot fit my big feet (a few as low as 5,000, but usually more); pants in so many styles--skinny jeans, leggings (that are always jazzed up with something like a sewn-on skirt, patches, strange lines sewn in, silver panels--finding plain black leggings has been REALLY hard), these stretchy pants with funny pockets (I bought a pair and they are crazy comfortable), harem pants, funny-patterned stretchy pants, and a whole lot more I've yet to discover (5,000-20,000W).

This underground mecca for cheap people such as myself is not only pebbled with the wonders of cheap clothes. You can find cheap everything--cheap bags, cosmetics, food, services, etc.

So who wants to move underground with me, y'all?



  1. I remember these from my short time in China. The stuff is super cute, but if it's anything like I saw, it's cheap in both cost AND quality. Beware?

    1. Not sure yet. I'll keep you updated. I know the cheap shoes only last a maximum of one season. As for everything else, I'm hoping it lasts forever because it's so cute. I'm a dreamer.