Friday, September 28, 2012

Chuseok Festival

Yesterday at school, we had a day-long party to celebrate Chuseok, the Korean version of Thanksgiving. The students dressed in their hanbok (traditional Korean dress). Check out this picture my co-worker took:

Yes, they are very adorable and they definitely ham it up for the camera. All day, we made sangpyan (traditional Korean rice cake--kind of like a red bean dumpling?) and we played traditional Korean games. I was in charge of running tuho, a game where you attempt to throw arrows into its small wooden holder, and chegi, a game a little like hackey sack for one person.

It was an insane day! One of the little trouble-makers threw his sangpyan on the floor, just to see what we would do (hint: nothing). Another teacher ran wrestling and one of my boys made it to the finals. It was so much fun to watch! Later in the day, we all had ddukboki (rice noodles in a spicy tomato sauce). What a wonderful celebration, but to be perfectly honest, it was WAY more energy-consuming than teaching a full day.

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