Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 2

I got picked up by my director again and first thing she asked me if I ate breakfast. I hadn't, so I told her so and then she insisted on buying me breakfast. But breakfast here isn't like breakfast in the states, so she bought me garlic bread! It was good and all, but I thought that was hilarious.

Every day, we send home these little green books to let our kindergardner's parents know of any imminent projects due and to communicate back and forth. Today, one of my kinders came in and his note from his mother said "Brandon said his new teacher is very pretty." What a flirt!

The real improvement today was my math class. Yesterday it was hectic and difficult because the kids understood so little. Today, it was a dream! They were counting by tens like pros! At the end of the class, I gave them all pennies. They were in AWE. If I'd known they would be that easy to win over, I would have brought whole rolls of pennies and showered them in the stuff.

Tonight for dinner I got mandu and ordered in Korean, impressing both my school director and the mandu salesman. King mandu is like a giant dumpling, except the noodle casing is a bit more like bread. I got two, one filled with beef (sul-gogi) and the other with kimchi. Kimchi on its own is pickled, but this was super spicy and didn't taste pickled at all. It was so spicy my face nearly melted off. No joke.


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