Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Eating Food

My first love--food--and abandoning my familiar love for this foreign one has wrought many changes in your young grasshopper. I thought this as I munched one of the most delicious tuna sandwiches that had *squirm* cucumbers in it. Back home, I would have had no hesitation puu-puuing said sandwich, but since I've gotten here, I've found that I really am much less picky when it comes to my food.

I'm less picky. Don't know what that black, slimy thing is in the middle of my kimbap? No problem.
Ah, putting mushrooms in the shabu shabu? Let me at 'em!
Hmm, green olive-looking things? I'll try them. Oh wait, they're actually quail's eggs? Not bad. Not what I was expecting, but not bad...
They all slide down my trap like the daintiest delicacy. Yes, I've noticed I've become less picky, less aware of what I am actually eating, but I've also shifted to eating differently, on the whole.

I eat more soup. I could not be happier about this change. As you might know, soup is my favorite food. It has been argued that soup is not, indeed, a food. I am mortally wounded by this argument, as I said before, soup is my favorite food.

I eat a lot more tuna and rice. Tuna comes in everything--kimbap, bimbimbap, soup, sandwiches. The Koreans must love tuna, because I see it everywhere. I've always enjoyed tuna, but I didn't love it before I came here. Now I do because it's one of the few things that tastes the same here as it does at home. Eating more rice, now that's one I don't have to explain at all, right?

Don't be too concerned. I still eat a lot of junk here and sometimes I skip meals because I forget to eat or having a communication error is just too stressful to contemplate, just like I did back home. Well, except for that communication part. Anyway, I'm just excited to find out my actual address so I can order in!

P.S. Yes, I do not know my actual home address. Make fun of me if you wish. I also am not 100% sure of where to put my trash.



  1. Is bimbimbap a real thing, or are you just saying sounds?

    Also, I want some tortilla soup reaaalll bad. I'm afraid to try to make it again, though, because it was not very good when I tried before.

  2. its a real thing. there are so many things here that you are going to think i make up. LIKE THE GROCERY STORE. That was a trip.

    and WAYYY to go making me want tortilla soup, you ho.