Saturday, October 6, 2012

Forever Lost

In the last month, living in Korea, I have begun to construct my community around me. I have reached out to other expats, been lucky to encounter friendly people at work and have generally made an effort to accept opportunities, even if I am tired/homesick/poor (for the moment, anyway). In much the same way, I am trying to find an online community. People who write about travel as life. Women, in particular, who satisfy that craving for adventure and paving their own path.

But my internet searches have been less...yielding than I expected. Most female expats are abroad because their husbands are in the army. While spectacular in their own right, they are not exactly the lone-wolf trailblazers I am looking for. Many travel blogs are focused largely on tourism and while this is a valid modicum of blogging, it's also generally trite and rather boring to the offhand stranger on the web.

Then there is the whole high school/university exchange students. The first problem is that they fleeting, often created for the experience, and then abandoned, never to be updated on a regular basis again; the second problem is that they are generally about foreigners coming to the U.S. and therefore, are written in a variety of languages I don't speak.

Am I to be forever lost in a sea of expat blogs?


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