Saturday, October 20, 2012

Korean Bowling

Once I found out there was a bowling alley behind my coworkers' apartment, I knew it was only a matter of time before I hit the lanes. So last night, I convinced my coworkers and a couple local teachers to join me in a rousing game of tenpin.

Okay, but what a culture shock.

Have you ever been to a league night at a bowling alley? You know how there are all those teams of people with their own balls and bowling gloves and the really serious uptight ones dress the same and won't drink the beer because it will impair their game and such?

Well, this was a little like that. Except everyone there was like the uptight people in America times a million. Wrist-guards everywhere. All the teams dressed the same. Health drinks on tap only. Instead of ball bags, they had giant rolling duffel bags for all their gear. No music playing. Only the sound of pins and the joyous shrieks of the guy next to us bowling 200 when he got another strike.

And we were awful. Embarrassingly bad. I'm embarrassed anyway. I bowled better when I was seven bowling in my socks. No joke. I think our scores combined didn't beat the pro next to us.


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