Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was very different from the norm. Usually I would celebrate the weekend preceding the day, head to the house of a friend who was throwing a party, and spend an evening just hanging out with friends.

This year, I spent it with these lovely people.

Scaring the living daylights out of these cuties:

That's Miss Raye in the top photo, Paige (the most adorable Snow White ever), and Cindy. We had a haunted house that we worked very hard to put together. We used black plastic to hang on the walls and create "walls." We had these lanterns that made the room look spooky. We stuffed some costumes and gave them skull-heads, sat them up in desks and forced the kids to walk through our spooky classroom. What a hoot!

I was leading a group of Kindys through the haunted house and Jack, the biggest handful of a five-year-old there ever was, turns to me with tears in his eyes, refusing to go any further. I had to carry him through the rest of the haunted house! Of course, as soon as we returned to the well-lit hallway, he was pushing me away and off antagonizing some four-year-olds.

The older kids were much harder to scare. One of them even slapped me! Why does this kind of thing always seem to happen to me? The more fun games for the older crowd was our highly disgusting and competitive game of bobbing. Since apples are really expensive, they were bobbing for snickers and for oranges, but still good fun!

That's my student, Jimmy, whom I like to call Charlie Brown because it seems like nothing ever goes his way.

And finally, the picture you've all been waiting for--my Halloween costume!

You can't see it in this pic, but I made a tail out of a loofa! Perhaps the easiest/cutest costume I've ever had.


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