Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Bit About My City

I live on the edge of Bupyeong, the main drag of Incheon. A $2 cab ride or a $1 subway ride takes me to the main club district, the underground shopping area, countless an varied restaurants and the mall. Of course, those various restaurants are generally confined to the Korean variety with the exception of Pizza Hut.

I am bordered on the other side by the city of Bucheon, made YouTube-famous by these two. Bucheon is home to Ainesworld, the theme park dedicated to miniatures of the world's famous landmarks and the Home Plus (comparable to a Super Target, like a one-stop shop for all your grocery/clothing/fast food needs), another mall, and a SavZone (a seven-story shopping complex), as well as another drag of clubs and chicken and beer places.

Within a two-square block radius lies literally everything I need on a daily basis. Lotte World, another Super Target-like store, has everything I've needed this far, with the exception of a large container of black tempura paint. There's a brand-spanking-new subway station less than five minutes' walk from my doorstep that can whisk me away to Seoul or toward the waterfront. I basically have it all.

When I get into a cab, I sound like a real Korean when I say "Bugae Sam-Dong Mok Ja Gol Mok" (not really). That means Bugae (my neighborhood, or my "dong"), and "food alley," (mol ja gol mok), so I'm less than a minutes from twenty different varieties of Korean food. I'm really growing to love where I live and am enjoying learning more and more about my little space of earth.

From what I've heard, most everywhere in in Seoul and its outlying regions is as full of life and things to do just like my area. I was so worried when I accepted this position that I would be a long trek from the city's nerve-center, but I realize now that Seoul and Incheon don't really work that way. While there are defined pockets of "places to be," I find I am in no way missing out on experiencing Korea at its finest. Every day, I am discovering new things to do in my own backyard, whether that be a local bowling alley, karaoke joint, or a weekday market.


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