Thursday, December 20, 2012


I keep things semi-positive on this blog - or I try, anyways - but gearing up for the holidays all by my lonesome and a few beastly days at work has me feeling homesick, I'll admit. It's not always sunshine and rainbows 'round these parts.

But I would like for them to be.

So I'm starting a rainbow picture. And watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (See how organically that sunshine and rainbows popped up?) And I'm focusing on Vietnam. I'm packing (lightly) for Vietnam.

And I'm reflecting on the last year.

Wow, how different things are now than they were twelve months ago. I was an entirely different person. My confidence, my self-assurance, my self-love - all matured. I'm in KOREA. That was not one of my plans this time last year. Last year, I rang in the New Year with the wrong person in the wrong place. I'm thankful for those times in that they led me to these times. Because I don't even know where I'll be on New Years, somewhere in the depths of Ho Chi Minh City, I suppose.

Oh yeah, did I mention to blogland that I'm going to Vietnam? Yeah, I'm going to Vietnam, y'all. That was definitely not where I thought I would be this time last year. I love how life works out.


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