Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shabu Shabu Awesomeness

I could go on and on and ON about shabu shabu and it's complete and utter awesomeness. This meal alone is a perfect reason to move to Korea. No, but seriously.

So your meal begins with a bunch of raw meat and vegetables being brought to your table. This was "Shabu Shabu Vietnamssan," so it had a Vietnamese flair. That red soup in the foreground is part of the "flair."

Those pink bowls are also part of the flair. The deal here is that you take sheets of rice paper, dip them in that pink stuff and then fill them with all the deliciousness cooking in the pot in the center of the table. That pot contains various veggies and tender slices of meaty meat meat. A dollop of a sweet-and-sour like sauce and a dip in hoisin means a perfect spring roll bite every time.

And then the real fun begins. You get to eat soup! Delicious, awesome soup! All the time soup! After you've eaten the majority of the junk in the pot, you add the noodles. And then yes, you eat those too.

And after you've eaten all the noodles, the meal still isn't done! They come back and fry you up some rice real nice and force you to eat that, too! And if you're lucky, they'll bring you a coupon so you can go again by yourself.

Basically, the theme of this meal is eating. And more eating. And just when you think the eating has finally stopped, it keeps on keepin' on. I think by now it's obvious why this is my favorite Korean meal, so I'll just stop there and let you contemplate.


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