Saturday, January 19, 2013

What the heck have I been up to?

Playing with cute puppies (my coworker's, not mine; no need to worry that you'll have another dog to take care of anytime soon, Mom). She enjoys eating hair, biting toes, ripping holes in your stockings, licking glasses, Korea's floor heating system, and falling asleep on pillows. Her dislikes are peeing in appropriate places, being put inside your shirt, people leaving the room without her permission, and her crate.

Trampoline work-outs at the Jumping Joy Cafe. Last week, the Sou'Frican and I planned on signing up for and doing a month of hot yoga. I was hoping that doing so with another person would encourage me to actually get what I paid for and she was looking for someone to push her through to the very end. Win-win. When we showed up at the yoga place, it was now a trampoline place. So Korea. So after some very minor convincing, we were stripping off our work pants in front of all the Korean mommas and then jumping, chasing and just generally showing up their kids with our skillz. And yes, we were the only people over 5 feet tall actually jumping. BUT the owner did bring us "service" cokes (meaning they were free just because), which we downed after about ten minutes of jumping and being utterly exhausted.

I submitted my grad school applications the day before they were due, in true slacker fashion.

I destroyed this delicious dish called dak galbi. It's a spicy chicken dish that your waiter eventually stirs rice into and fries into this delicious, heart-cloggingly good mixture. I'm salivating at the memory, even if the picture isn't that great.

Things I've been up to not worth documenting via photo:
  • Cleaning. I let my apartment get embarrassingly bad, yet again. It's still not clean, but at least I can see the floor, even if I DO keep stepping on stray Oreo Os (surprisingly painful).
  • Watching a lot of movies/TV shows (to distract me from the fact that I am actually cleaning, EW). Today was met with Pitch Perfect and Frankenweenie, but Perks of Being a Wallflower and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure has been on repeat over in this neck of the woods.
  • Reading. I'm just beginning the Cloud Atlas. I hope it is as good as everyone keeps saying...
  • Working a TON. I'm getting pretty burnt out and fed up with the little things, like the fact that I STILL don't have healthcare. Yeah. That.
Anyway, I know I have been utterly sucky at updating, it's just that the shiny, happy, OMG-I-work-like,foraliving-in-Korea thing wore off and I've been a little down because of stress at work. It's so much harder to keep everyone apprised of my situation when I can't be all braggy all the time. Hey, at least I'm honest...

You should expect these kinds of posts weekly. That way, I'll have a reason to upload all my photos/actually take photos. Yeah. Tomorrow, I'm hitting up fancy Gangnam. Opa Gangnam Style!


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