Monday, April 15, 2013

Living a life you love

Waking up to the news of the bombs going off during the Boston Marathon this morning has left me thinking about life, particularly living one you love.

Life is too short to commit yourself to responsibilities that are only paying off in money. While I could be at home, paying my dues at a company and starting a 401k, what kind of life experience would I be getting out of that? Today, as I snuggled with one of my five year olds, I was reflecting on how much I truly love every single one of them (even the boy that touches himself constantly under the table). Not only am I being fulfilled by my work, but I'm loving it, also. I'm in a foreign country with the unique opportunity to learn and understand new people.

Sure, I'm missing out on being with my family and friends. But I'm expanding my family and friend circle here as well. I'm meeting valuable and worthy people that I'm hoping I will connect with for the rest of my life. So when I have to ask myself if I'm interested in doing another year here, the answer in invariably, undeniably: yes.


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