Monday, August 26, 2013

What's Next

I know it the post I was all hulk-smashy about everything that has been going on, but I never really talked about why there are now problems and what everything means for me.

I had a very carefully organized house of cards that came crashing down last week. Here's the gist:

The original plan: I had it set up so I would "officially" end my contract September 10, as far as Immigration was concerned and would continue working until November 1st. As of this week, I was going to switch to a D10 visa, which is the jobseekers' visa which would allow me to stay in the country for an additional three months, extendable for another three, without a job/visa sponsor. That put me in the end of February~March 10 range before I would need another job in Korea. With the D10 come certain perks (no need to resubmit those pesky and expensive documents, such as criminal background check, diploma, etc.) but there also came certain caveats (I couldn't leave the country for more than 90 days to ensure its validity).

Now that my house of cards has crumbled, this means:
  • I still have to stay in the country until the first week of November in order to be out of Korea for less than 90 days because I already bought a flight to South Africa for the third week in January and don't plan on coming back until February.
  • I will be staying in the country without a home or a paycheck for a month or more.
  • My boss could still possibly be a pain about buying my ticket so that it complies with Immigration regulations which state that the flight home must occur within 2 weeks of my contract end date, thereby complicating my 90 day stipulation, yet again.
  • I still have to pay for school during my month or more of unemployment. By magic, I suppose?
There are other complications here that I have forgotten or have yet to rear their ugly heads, but these are the main ones right there.  On the plus side, my boss extended me by two weeks after I brought up my logical point about my coworker being out of the country for a week and running an English hagwon with only three native English speakers.

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