Monday, January 31, 2011

TRAD 101: Patterns in Prehistory

At the University of Arizona, the cruel administration deems it necessary that every man, woman, and child who passes through these hallowed halls of education take demonic and demented courses in which you display knowledge you will never again use general education courses: 2 NATS (natural sciences), 2 INDVs (soft science--psych, sociology, linguistics, etc), and 2 TRADs (even softer sciences--I took archaeology and philosophy). Because I was originally pre-med and then turned out to be a total failure blah blah blah I never took my second NATS course--something I am swiftly learning to regret BECAUSE every time I walk into the classroom, I feel comme ca:

NOT ONLY is Introduction to Global Change the most boring course of study to ever result out of An Inconvenient Truth, I feel ancient whenever a freshman sits next to me and asks, "So what year are you?"

Yeah, I'm ancient. I can feel the wrinkles starting to form.

Pass the moisturizer.

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