Friday, March 18, 2011

Okay. You're all going to think I am absolutely nuts but . . .

Remember that absolutely awful newscaster/american girl doll/ho-hum haircut I got not so long ago (6-ish weeks)?

Yeah, well, I couldn't stand it for one more plain boring minute. So I decided to do something about it.

But I'm poor! I'm so poor! So what does one do when one is put in such a situation as one is?

One googles!

So I googled "how to cut hair" and a youtube video popped up. I clicked. I watched the three minute video and still felt really unprepared. So I clicked again. And I got about thirty seconds through the second video when the British lady who was hosting said home video said that you could even use a leg razor to do the cut.

Watch the horrified faces, purleez.

I had heard enough, even though she followed it with "...although I wouldn't suggest it" and THEN I felt truly prepared.

And I hacked with a bic at my mop. Again, the horror? Don't need it, ladies and gents. Why?! Because my hair looks The. Bomb. (dot com)

No, but seriously. I was horrified to see this gigantic ball of fur in the sink, but extremely pleased when my hair looked THE BEST it has ever looked in my life.

New dream: hairstylist.

NOW you can be horrified.

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