Friday, March 25, 2011

To share or not to share?

People can be so pointlessly hurtful. And for what? A laugh? A grudge? The shame of being wrong or the smugness of being right?

It's difficult for me to be candid in a blog because not only is this a forum open to the whole world, but I read everyone else's blogs and it's all candy hearts and seeming perfection all around.

And I know their lives really *aren't* that great. I know that they, just like everyone else, have crappy days and worries and personal issues. But it's the super shiny veneer that counts in the blogosphere, and let's face it: most people have it down pat. Don't believe me?

Check out:
And someone even claims that life IS perfect:

So what am I supposed to talk about when I hate Tucson, the last month and a half of school, and a majority of the people I've ever known?!

I guess I'll just keep it to myself.

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