Friday, April 1, 2011

I got a case of the ramblies!

Recently my life has been consumed by Camp Wildcat stuff. I've been swamped putting together the annual report, developing long-term ways to measure our success, and putting together my folder for my successor. Hopefully he or she will have an easier time acclimating to this job than I did!

Interestingly (or maybe I'm the only on who finds this interesting), but as the year comes to a close, the board members are of two minds. Some of us find ourselves working ourselves sick and others have already checked out. I'm working harder now because I understand my role and its potential a lot better and I really want it to achieve that potential!

My mom is coming into town on Saturday, which I am really excited about, with my grandma and her dog. They are coming down specifically for Camp Wildcat's auction fundraiser, but they're going to be here during the street fair, so I hope to take them to that, as well. The 4th Ave Street Fair in Tucson in SUPER famous because you can get all sorts of crap at a ridiculous mark-up (or down). Perk!

It's crazy, it's almost April. That doesn't leave T and I much time--he leaves for Los Angeles May 1st. It isn't that big of deal, I know, but it transports me right back to when I was saying goodbye and jet-setting to India or Maine. It's going to suck!

Anyways, I'm up late and bored. Never a good combination. Goodnight!

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