Monday, April 11, 2011

Ay Bay-Bay

Today, boyfriend and I took our dog, Mr. Darcy, to the park.

I had never been to this particular park before because it's pretty far away from our place, but I am so glad we went! It's a gigantic park with TWO dog parks (one for big dogs, one for little ones).

While we were there, we saw two French bull mastiffs (I think that's what they're called). Wowzas.

Yesterday, we went to Venzo's pizza because I had a huge hankering for stromboli. Best Friend can attest, these delicious pizza loaves are an oddity, a deliciosity! If you've never had one, give it a try! but then again, there's no way to figure out if you're going to run into the issue that we did. While the stromboli was delish, it was also more calzone-like than it should be.


Someday, Ray's Pizza, Some. Day.

PS if anyone knows of any jobs in LA, help a sista out.

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  1. When you come up for Easter, we'll get delicious stromboli! And we're not sharing, because you always finish first and start in on my half. And then we'll go to J Rudd's for dinner. She invited us.