Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I will be seeing this wonderful group, ARCADE FIRE, tonight, along with this wonderful group:

Local Natives

There's no need to be too jealous, but just in case this blog post has been ineffective, I will be posting tomorow/friday about the amazingness that will have been my weekend in the middle of my week.

PS, if you haven't heard either of these groups, I suggest the following educational playlist (And I put it in French to be fancy!):

  • As an amuse bouche - "Modern Man" AF
  • Hors d'oeuvres - "Wide Eyes" LN
  • L'entree - "Stranger Things" LN
  • La soupe - "World News" LN
  • Le potage -"Sprawl" AF
  • Le plat principal - "Wake Up" AF
  • La salade - "Shape Shifter" LN
  • Le dessert - "We Used to Wait" AF
For your grad-level edutainment:
  •  "Wasted hours" AF
  • "City With No Children" AF
  • "Airplanes" LN
  • "Wide Eyes" LN
  • The "Neighborhood series" AF
  • The Suburbs album all the way through

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