Monday, August 22, 2011

To the mommas and the poppas. And my boyf.

It's strange to think that through all this upcoming stress of the new job transition, still not knowing what is wrong with my back, and T's new job that it could be so easy to overlook the fact that T and I have been living together for a year now.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I hate when girls blog about their relationships with their significant other(s) as if from a vantage point, looking back on it with so much faked wisdom that it's slightly nauseating.

Me, when I think about this past year, I think about how happy I am that T fell in love with my dog and she has now become our dog. I am so happy that whenever I felt like leaving, T was there to convince me to stay in whatever ways necessary. I am so happy we have survived, even when it seemed like a lot of people in our lives were hoping to see us fail.

I am grateful for T--he keeps me sane, our apartment clean and my hygiene in check. He is sitting on our broken couch right now playing a Batman video game on the PS3 and I couldn't love him more for that. I am grateful that he decides to put up with me every day.

Also, I'm really grateful for my mom and dad for having four kids, so I would have plenty of people to practice living with, even when I wanted nothing more than to give them the silent treatment ("Pass the peas, please." Dammit). I'm sure T would be pretty grateful if he knew that when I was a kid, I was an incurable tease--because I totally don't do that anymore....

P.S. I wanted to call people mentioned in this blog by the first letters of their names only, but my boyf's "T" is too easily confused with my sister's husband, whom we actually call T (or as my mom writes it, "T"). Therefore, my T just became Z. Deal with it.

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  1. It was confusing at first to me, but I figured it out...I hope you and "Z" are having a great summer!