Sunday, August 21, 2011


Public transportation has that ever-so-slight tinge of stigma about it, and understandably so. The machines are almost always difficult to manage, knowing how and when to request stops is extremely confusing, and sometimes you're exposed to *gasp* hobos.

But I essentially love PT in spite of its shortcomings. I have now ridden buses and/or trains in the following cities:

  • Paris, France - I love the Metro. It is unbelievably easy to navigate, is clean and trains arrive at most 15 minutes apart.
  • Portland, Oregon - The MAX is light and clean, a pleasure to ride around all day, and accesses all essential areas of the city.
  • Tucson, Arizona - I did not have the pleasure of riding the SunTran, which I have heard is highly inexpensive compared to many other cities. Instead, I rode the CatTran's "Orange Route" which ran down Mountain from my apartment to the University of Arizona. Amazing!
Aaaaaaand finally, today I have the pleasure of riding the Los Angeles Red Metro Rail Line and the Silver bus line. I'll say this about the Red Metro - it is so convenient from Studio City to the touristy areas of Hollywood for nights out, but the transition to the Silver Bus Line left something to be desired. This mostly stemmed from the difficulties we had in recognizing our stops. Oops :)

But why were we riding PT, you ask? Ahh, well I had this half-formed idea of going to the Science Center, a free adventure. And go we did. Except I got all befuddled and we ended up getting there about an hour later than we'd planned, around 4:20!

The downside? The Science Center closes at 5!

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