Saturday, August 20, 2011

V is for VISTA

In two days, I will be on a plane to Portland, OR for training to begin my job with Americorps.

But it occurred to me that a lot of people don't really know much about the whole organization, the purposes, goals, or mission of the people involved. So I'll start from the beginning. Or, Wikipedia has a nice article, too.

I will be serving as a Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) with Americorps. Fact.
I will be working with schools and students in the Los Angeles area to create a volunteer program that aims to increase attendance. Fact.
I will be paid, not in actual dollars, but in good people points almost exclusively. Mostly True.

I will keep you updated on the coming year, about my successes and my tribulations, my doubts and my shouts, so on and so forth.

I'll be at Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) this coming week and am sure I'll have plenty of stories and idealism to share then. Until then, arrivederce!

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