Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Seed

I had the massive fortune to be born into a rather - uh, worldly? - family, which fortunately and unfortunately for me, means the travel bug is encoded into my DNA. I love it. I love traveling, exploring, adventuring, getting lost and getting found, and the myriad forms it can take.

So I started googling--how all major tragedies in my life begin--and doing my research, which has provoked a major jealousy streak in me.

Reading about the Lost Girls (3 girls who spent a year traveling the world) and other backpackers has gotten me so FREAKIN' jealous that everything is tinted green. And when I want I figure out a way to get in the cheapest manner possible.

But the only exception here is that a world trip, aside from being horribly expensive and an exorbitantly huge investment of time and life-pausing and whatnot, offers so many choices. Too many choices.

How does one even begin to set goals for a ballpark figure to save for when I can look at a list of all the countries in the world and not be able to cross off a single one as "not interested" in visiting? How can I begin to save for flights when I don't know whether I'd rather buy a Round the World ticket or multiple Open Jaw tickets or what? How do I begin saving for a trip I don't want to take all by my lonesome when other people can be so unreliable?

Well, no matter the difficulties, I might as well try.

Ladies and gentlemen, the seed of an idea of a goal has been planted. And hopefully, it will blossom into "a big beautiful butterfly!"

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