Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Haunts

I can remember exactly what I did last Halloween. Beardy and I were winding down the Scary Movie Marathon 2010 where we watched at least one scary movie every night of October. We stayed in that night to watch what we called "the mother of all scary movies." I'm not positive, but I think it was Halloween, the movie.

This year, the boyf worked until midnight on Halloween and we hadn't been very good at instituting another scary movie marathon because of both of our jobs getting in the way. We were lucky to have a handful of days all month to spend time together in the daylight. So this Halloween, we experienced an epic relationship fail.

However, I still managed to make my day a "win," even though I didn't win the costume contest. I went out with a friend I met at Pre-Service Orientation in August for Americorps to Venice Beach and we had a blast! She went as a Peacock (and she actually did win the costume contest) and I went as a hipster, beard and all.

I ended up calling it quits early (I worked early the next morning), I still got to come home and cuddle up next to my man. Guess I got the best of both worlds this year.

Til' next year, spooks.

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