Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lost Camera

I have been working on some FANTASTIC crafts for Tim's birthday and I have started really organizing my craft shelf, which is quickly taking over the whole closet. And of course, I would absolutely love to share with you guys all the progress I've been making. But I can't seem to find my dang camera anywhere. It has joined my black long-sleeved cardigan and my boy's and my super comfy sweatpants in the netherworld of half-destroyed belongings I never really cared about and therefore, never kept tabs on. Yes, Beardy and I share the same pair of horribly unattractive and so-comfy-you-could-live-in-'em sweatpants.

Must clean apartment today to remedy this situation. Also, I shall dust! It was always my favorite chore growing up because it's just so dang easy!

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