Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tried my hand at redecorating and you'll never see the result

I gave Beardo his birthday present last night, because he works such long hours on Mondays (his birthday is actually tomorrow), so now I can finally talk about all the crafts I've been working on. I never did find my camera (sadface), but I can tell you all about the awesomeness.

I bought these really cool books at Movie World in Burbank for $1 apiece. They were so cool (read: old) that I can't even find a web link to them. The look sort of like leather-bound encyclopedias, but they all have these beautiful covers depicting shadowy versions of popular landmarks across the world. And then I did this to them. I hung two of them above where I would eventually like to place my bookshelf and three by the door. You're welcome for that link, by the way. It took me about an hour to find it because every time I Googled "book shelf book" I got pictures of bookshelves. How in the hell do you search for that kind of shelf in a way that yields the proper results?!

Next thing: paper lanterns and Christmas lights! I hung these around the window and I am digging the soft glow they give off. It makes everything look all romantic and fuzzy.

I hung up to albums between a pair of book shelf books: Laura Nyro - Eli and the 13th Confession and Cat Stevens - Catch Bull at Four. Unfortunately, it looks slightly like a shrine to Laura, but she rocks, so whatever.

I also got prints of photos of Tim and i and hung them in a frame I FOUND (yes, by the dumpster) above the bed. Yup, dumpster frame by the bed. Wooo.

I also hung up Tim's Grateful Dead blanket and moved the music love painting. Now the apartment looks like two adults live here and not just a college student with a speaker fetish. It fully reflects both mine and the boyf's styles and tastes and I can't wait to keep adding to the pretty!

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