Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Griffith Observatory

I have spent an increasing amount of time with a friend from high school who lives out here. It's nice to have someone here in Los Angeles who knows me and has known me for awhile. And doing so has sparked this inane interest in astronomy, astro- and quantum physics. It might seem like a leap, but if you knew my friend, you wouldn't be saying that.

So we've become obsessed with the early beginnings of the universe. The TV show, How the Universe Works, has become my new obsession, and I have even begun branching out into Stephen Hawking's TV show. Even though there are only three episodes, the topics are rad.

This prompted the Captain and I to drive out to Griffith Park to check out the observatory!

 Maybe I should grow up and stop being surprised when there are massive numbers of people in the same general area as me, but even on a lazy Sunday in January, this place was packed! (Insert EDIT here for when I attend during the summer and get trampled).

Look at that view!!

It looks pretty hazy (it was), but you can still see the water! I was surprised by how close we are to the ocean, considering it takes at least an hour to get there.

The observatory was half right-up-my-alley and half boring, split right down the middle. No joke, when you enter the observatory, everything on the right side is really interesting and everything on the left side is "meh."

Interesting side:

You probably can't see it, but one of those tiny yellow specks is our sun.
Afterward, we had a yummy brunch full of less metaphysical content, such as people watching. I watched this one:

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