Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Craft Away Bay: Valentines Crafting Links

I don't give gifts for Valentines' Day. I think it's a dumb holiday and my boyfriend and I don't even celebrate it. That being said, when I was single, I hated this dumb holiday for entirely different reasons, mostly being that it is single-awareness day. So, combining my prior experiences with my current perspective, I think that we non-single people should bestow our kindnesses upon the singles in our lives with some heartfelt gifts.

Okay, now that I am done being such an gloating ass, here are some links that would make anyone love V-day. Besides, we all know how much more fun being single is anyways.

Shadow Box - I have seen so many variations of this, and every time I do, the urge to make one grows stronger. One of these made for a loved one from a particularly memorable occasion would be adorable.

Heart-Shaped Crayons - These would make super cute Valentines gifts!

Pop-up Flower Cards - These unfairly easy cards could easily be made from reclaimed (from the workplace) materials.

Packaging - This would be a super cute way to package any V-day gifts!

More Pretty Packaging - My takeaway from this page is that I need to invest in
  • ribbon
  • double-sided tape
  • doilies
  • finally learning how to make bunting
Picture Me in the News! - Super adorable. Some readers of my blog may be receiving this for future gifts. Just sayin', don't be surprised.

Candles - If your beau is anything like me or mine, he (and you!) loves candles. This is just about the cutest way to turn an addiction to drinking into a present. WANT. And after reading the tutorial, I realized how g-darn easy it would be, too.

Bracelets, Necklaces, Streamers, Charms - These can be anything! It's such a simple craft!

Umm ... love this!

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