Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Craft Linkage - total chaos

DIY leather shoes - These shoes looks super cool and (fairly) easy to make, but living in California means I won't have much of an excuse to make or wear them, considering they appear fit for inuits.

Bookmarks - I used to be an avid reader, but have since lost the time I used to spend reading to other, more profitable ventures. One day, bookmarks!

Lampshades - I see these everywhere and want to make one so badly! I have two lamps (used to be three until the Beard crushed one under his ginormous feet and then I thought I could DIY something out of it, which really just destroyed it beyond repair... RIP dino-stamp lamp) that could both use new shades, but, paradoxically, am running out of both time and excuses.

Newspaper Nails - In LOVE.

Dry-erase board - Something my mother would go nuts for.

Confetti Eggs for Easter, anyone?

Invitations - Color me intrigued. I wonder if these would take forever to do?

These pinwheels would be perfect for a May wedding!

Another magazine craft?!? I'm in love!

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