Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Craft Christmas: Trash Can Made o' Trash

So I have written and re-written this post SO many times because

a) Blogger refuses to publish it for some unknown reason
b) It's really difficult to explain how to make it

So, I have decided that I won't explain how to make it and I'll write a little nothing post to tell the world that, yes, a trash can made out of trash came into being, it was a grand success, but alas, I have no photos. So I'll just link you to A picture of A trashcan.

So mine didn't look as great, but it's close enough.

Lessons learned:

  • It takes a lot of those little rings to make a trash can and a single Entertainment Weekly may SEEM like it's producing a lot only because you're spending so much FREAKIN time on it, but it's not.
  • I didn't pay close enough attention to the picture, so I began stacking my o's on top of the bottom of the trashcan, not alongside it. This meant that some of my rings were headed in different directions instead of straight up, so the end result looked kinda warped.
  • Apparently, this was the coolest craft I made for Christmas. I thought it was going to be received luke-warmly, if at all.
Craft on!

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