Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Craft Linkage: To Crochet or Not to Crochet??

Not sure these books are worth the trouble, especially when there are easier ways to make personalized journal/quote books, but you can't argue with results, and the results of this tutorial are just darling.

One of the best things about growing up in Arizona and having a birthday in July was that my party always had to incorporate water activities to keep my guests' skin from melting off. This is why I have had the chance to play water kickball on multiple occasions. Well, let's just say that pegging your opponent in the head with these puppies would have made that game so much better.

Although I see these lamps all over the place, I am definitely loving the bigger-is-better motif here. Also, never seen them done with coffee filters before.

These slippers make me want to fish out my crochet hook again! After the crochet madness I went through to get all those lovely hats made, I thought I would want a nice break, but I just can't wait.

All my packaging templates in one printable friendly place? Why, this must be a joke! Nay, I say. Now I know what I'll be doing at work tomorrow ...

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  1. I love the lamp. And making personalized journals is fun, but I'm far too big of a perfectionist and always get mad when things don't line up perfectly. And also, I don't journal.