Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craft Linkage: Gender Norms

This is a craft link for those of you who are more industrially-minded. And by that, I mean men. And me. Because I like building things with my hands, too. Although the wiring might be a little tough ... Is there a boy around to help me? Or my mother?

A potentially awesome laptop sleeve? Or just yet another giant, inconvenient bag to haul around?

Another hardware handy DIY out of cupboards. This is just so adorably adorable and all, but could have been turned into any number of things. I'm thinking paint it in a nice vintage-y burnt orange and turn it into a locket-style picture/art frame? Even a contrast in dualities? Like, put art/pic on the front and one inside to respond/contradict?

I make these envelopes all the time as part of my magazine art obsession.

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