Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Craft Linkage W - workspace, wearables, walls

I almost cried at the beauty of these work spaces. Could you imagine how wonderfully productive I would want to be if I had a space dedicated as my own?

Although I've seen this simple dress tutorial before, I've never put it down in a place to remember it. Also, I would like to someday find a simple dress tutorial that isn't high-waisted, empire-waisted, or the like. I mean, I know that fitting my waist on my extra-long torso is practically impossible, but it shouldn't be impossible when I'm making the dress myself.

Speaking of an incredibly long torso and ill-fitting clothes, I would love to make this dress form, but have neither the money, time, ability to stand still, etc.

These steampunky bracelets rock! And are as easy to make as going out to the garage (if you're lucky enough to have one).

When I saw a picture of a friend's apartment, I thought it was freakin' adorable. It had one of those vinyl wall attachments of birds on a wire. When someone told me that thing cost like $70 (or more), I was pissed. It's vinyl! I can justifiably chalk this up to the ever-increasing peripheral popularity of birds in the vintage-loving sub-set of society these days. It doesn't help that Portlandia is telling everyone to "put a bird on it." Anyway, with that being said,  I want this.


  1. Speaking as someone who has her own designated space, I am just as unproductive in my office as I am anywhere else. Granted, it is not NEARLY that cute, but I don't think it's the space.