Thursday, February 23, 2012

expanding my horizons - fashion

I am not a fashion blogger. I would not consider myself fashion-conscious, fashionable or someone to model your fashion after because the only thing I have going for me is that the clothing I wear is purely my style. And sometimes my style is weird or horribly misguided--that, I'll admit.

but ... I still want someone to see it. Which is why my friend, J-Bunny, and I have recently begun texting each other photos of our outfits (and by "recently," I do mean as of today). Although this is something fun that we started doing, I realized that there are probably many other 20-somethings out there without a clue as to what to wear to work that doesn't make them look 12 ... or 45 (I'm talking about you, Psych Girl).

So ... I'm going to post the pics and deets here. I'm not sure how I feel about it just now, but I think these WOPs (work outfit posts) will be fun for me to look back on as styles (and I) change.

So enjoy. Or don't.

Puffy Silk Shirt - Kohl's
Black Vest - Santee Alley grab
Black Cardigan - American Eagle c. 2007
Black Slacks - Kohl's
Glitter Flats (not pictured) - Urban Outfitters
 Pearls - Gift from India from my mother

Capris - Prana
Racerback - Target
Shoes - Chacos
Watch - Timex waterproof

Oh, did I forget to say that J-Buns doesn't have a typical job? She's a grad student and works a challenge course! Her outfit gets my seal of approval and my photo has inspired me to not act like such a doofus when taking these pictures.


  1. I <3 your work clothes. Truly. I got the cutest pencil skirt the other day at Express (size 4. suck it, child-bearing hips!) and I am dying to wear it, but 1) it's still too cold to really wear a skirt, 2) I'd have to wear heels with it all day, and I'm not sure I'm emotionally ready for that, and 3) no one dresses up here, so I would look weird. Maybe this summer when I'm running participants from the community. I miss you lots.

  2. Also, J Bunny has lost a lot of weight and looks hot.