Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend Wanderer: Stairwa(lking) to Heaven

Not too far back, the boyfriend and I decided to try one of Los Angeles' activities that is most shrouded in lore. Okay, not really, but stairwalking is real effin' cool.

A little history: It's pretty basic--Los Angeles has hilly suburb-like corners, such as Echo Park and Silverlake, and as such, homes and apartment complexes are built right into the hillside. In order to make these streets even minimally walkable, city planners added stairs to connect the streets for pedestrians. The stairwalks of Silverlake are most notable for the massive amount of graffiti and urban art that accompany them. The Echo Park stairs are more for the views.

Since we went to Echo Park right during Golden Hour, the pictures came out awesomely. Hope you enjoy!