Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Craft Linkage: Can't Wait for Payday!!

Crochet Love
If you're thinking, "holy shit! That's yoda! And say whaaat? He's crocheted?!" You might have some idea of the meltdown I had when I stumbled upon Amigurumi Patterns, a website with crochet patterns for all your beloved friends - Spongebob's bestie, Patrick, Captain Jack Sparrow, and an array of monsters that will make you say "awwwww."

Melty Crayon Craft

This is a totally new take on the melty crayon craft I posted earlier. And I'm kind of mad. Because this is fabulous. And I had no idea you could put your crayons in a hot glue gun (even if it does pretty much ruin a perfectly good gun). I initially wanted to do something artistic with my melty crayon craft, but couldn't think of anything to do and didn't like all the "craftier" versions. Until I can think of something to one-up this project, I shall be sad and disappointed.

Felt rug

Umm hello new rug project! This rug is made out of strips of felt all twisted in on itself and hot glued together. Aside from using up an inordinate amount of hot glue, the end result of this project would be perfect, and can be made into any size or style. 

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