Friday, April 20, 2012

Job Hunting: The Elusive Employer

What Color is Your Parachute Tip: Today, we're off in search of the elusive employer. Usually quite the recluse, in its natural environment, employers vary from habitat to habitat. Although some are like the powerful lionness, the HBIC, many are actually much lower on the food chain than you might believe. You aren't trying to impress the CEO, you're trying to create a camaraderie with your supervisor, your co-worker, someone you will see every day. Much of the time, he or she is not well-versed in the art that is interviewing, so it is your task to determine what it is that they want and don't want from an employee (before the interview, if possible) so you can do your best to convince them that you are what they want and you're not what they don't want.

What I did this week toward gainful employment:
  • Applied for the Reach to Teach ESL Teacher position with the SMOE/EPIK program to teach English as a Second Language in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Heard back from said employer - found out the massive amount of paperwork to complete and that I missed the SMOE deadline (it's in February), but that I am still eligible to apply to work in hagwons, or private schools, in South Korea.
  • Got fingerprinted for FBI criminal background check
  • Sent copies of my diploma in for Apostille (apparently you have to have a certain kind of stamp verifying documents sent to Korea and it costs $20 for each verification!!)
  • Began studying for the GRE, as I will definitely want to take the exam at least once before I potentially leave the country.
  • Submitted application for Membership Coordinator at Winston Salem State University, a job akin to what I am doing now, but also incorporating a media/communications aspect that I am thrilled about.
What I plan to do next week toward gainful employment:
  • Sign up for the GRE
  • Research jobs in the same states as grad schools I am hoping to attend (D.C., Colorado, Oregon, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or California. Also: North Carolina, to appease Psych Girl).
  • Research federal government jobs
  • Apply to at least FIVE jobs (more than just sending out resumes).
  • Complete the flower exercise from What Color is Your Parachute?
  • Find out how to figure out what color my parachute is...


  1. I just have to say, I love your blog :)

  2. Hey, NC isn't so bad. You liked it here. Also, you get here in 59 days!!! Squee!