Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pimp My Crib Update

Remember a couple days ago when I posted all my DIY dreams for my new pad? Well, today I would like to give you a mini update, as well as provide all the snapshots I promised of my room! Remember, it's still in various stages of preparedness, but it's well on its way to being wholly mine.

When I first showed up, I started with a blank slate, basically. White walls, tile floor, full size bed in the corner.

I bought a regular curtain rod and installed it (poorly). Made these super rad curtains over Easter with fabric my mother bought in Korea before I was born. Authentic vintage, right there. Lucky for me, my mother has awesome taste.

Vanity Area
I got this dresser from another room in my roommate's house, formerly belonging to her son. Originally, she wanted to slap some paint on this puppy, but I wouldn't let her. All roughed up is just my cup of tea. I got two of those $5 mirrors from Target and installed them above the dresser to make a faux vanity area.

Vinyl Chalkboard

Album Cover Art
I arranged my albums in a 4x4 pattern on my wall to create an easy art display.

Work Station
I am hard at work at the rolling desk I mentioned. Right now, it's a little spare, but soon, it shall be magnificent.


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