Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Links to Love: Wailing and Wall Art

Today, at work a girl of maybe eight or nine was sitting next to our shop dog and happily talking to him, as many kids do. Then I saw her parents standing a few steps away holding hands anxiously, with tears of joy in their eyes. It turns out that their daughter is severely autistic and this was the first time they had ever heard her speak in full sentences. Simple things not being so simple MMT.
 If you need a little pick-me-up/want to go on a crazy-long crying jag, check out Makes Me Think. I couldn't make it through the first page. Good luck.

And if you need something to cheer you up after that, check out this whimsical street art!

Using potatoes as stamps, you can make this cheap cheap cheap art project found over at Oh Happy Day. And by the way, I have found so many cute crafts over there. I finally decided to start following it on blogger!

This might be a little too hip for some of you, but it's the perfect amount of hip-ness for me. Check out the tutorial over here.

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